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Comprehensive Compliance Management Systems

There are 7 Elements to a Comprehensive Compliance Management System, and CCG can help you build each one. The end goal is a robust Compliance Management System that takes into account your company’s unique position in the industry, reveals an in depth understanding of applicable law, and takes into account the goals of the business, in order to create a system that prepares your company for regulatory scrutiny without stifling business ingenuity and growth.

A CMS should include:

  • Standards, Policies and Procedures
  • Compliance Officer
  • Education and Training
  • Monitoring and Auditing
  • Reporting and Investigating
  • Enforcement and Discipline
  • Response and Prevention

Executive Leadership and Advice

A cornerstone of any CMS is to have someone to administer it, and ensure that it runs effectively. The only thing worse than not having a CMS in place, is having one and not putting it to good use. In order to do that, you need someone to serve as the captain of the ship. At CCG, we can provide you with experienced and practical leaders in the compliance field, ready to help advise and instruct your and your compliance team.

Compliance Training and Education

Simply having compliance policies and procedures in place isn’t enough to avoid scrutiny from both the industry and the regulators. It’s imperative that all employees receive compliance and ethics training on all important topics. We create custom training and education programs, for employees, management and your board of directors. Our goal is teach all levels of your organization that compliance and ethics is an integral part of their workday, and we strive to set the “tone from the top”.

Full System Monitoring and Auditing

For a lot of companies, having a full time compliance officer on staff may not be feasible, for a variety of reasons. This is where CCG’s On Demand System Monitoring and Auditing can be a useful tool. We can set up a monitoring and auditing schedule, to ensure that your compliance policies and procedures are on track and running smoothly.

Reporting Assistance and Document Management

Keeping track of business records and compliance documentation can seem daunting, but doesn’t have to cut into your business productivity. At CCG, we’re experts at making sure that all of your records are kept safely and securely, while still allowing for easy access for your team.

Enterprise Risk Management and GAP Analysis

The only way to be fully prepared is to know where you are at risk. CCG can do a full review of your business activities and point you in the right direction when it comes to reducing your risk. Whether it’s a review of marketing processes, or looking at vendor due diligence, CCG can keep you on track and away from regulatory scrutiny.

Vendor Due Diligence and Supervision

One of the most important areas of compliance management is the relationships with third party vendors. You are ultimately responsible for the actions of your partners, making it imperative that you ensure your vendors are taking all the necessary steps to comply with all of the applicable laws, rules and regulations. This process can be time consuming, and requires supervision at all steps. CCG can devise a due diligence strategy, and help to implement it over time.

Specialization: Online Lead Generation

Lead generation involves the recruiting and management of advertising affiliates, individuals and/or corporations. These affiliates are then responsible for the consumer facing websites, ads and other materials that ultimately drive the consumer to apply for a loan.

This means that online lead generators have to make sure that the consumer receives all of the pertinent information necessary to make an informed decision about 1. whether they want to apply for a loan and 2. what happens with their personal information. It also means that the lead generator is responsible for making sure that the consumer’s personal application information is transmitted to those buyers that have their own compliance systems in place.

Specialization: Advertising Affiliate Compliance

When you’re watching your campaign analytics and writing content for your website, handling compliance policies can seem like a very distant priority. However, with today’s regulatory climate, it’s important to have all of your ducks in a row when it comes to policies and procedures. In addition, lead generators and other lead buyers have recently stepped up their game and begun requesting more information from their affiliates. Be prepared with a full set of plans and policies from CCG, allowing you to show your dedication to compliance without taking away from your business productivity.